Are you looking for ways to finance and better manage your supplier-customer chains?


Take advantage of Post financing, the alternative of reverse factoring!


What is Post Financing?

  • Liquidity management of business partners without the need to create pressures on working capital
  • Settlement of trade payables for the client by a factor in the due date of the supplier invoice
  • Postpone of the payment of the incurred financial liability for the factor for up to 180 days from the issuance of the supplier invoice
  • The transfer of confirmed supplier invoices by the customer takes place electronically via the secure eFactoring internet application


How does Post Financing work?

Post Financing diagram 2023


Datasheet (pdf)


Take advantage of Post Financing, a modern method for the financing of the customer-supplier chain (Supply Chain Finance) and cooperate with Factoring České spořitelny, a major player on the Czech factoring market.

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